You can get an Online Test System for Free. Know how!!

You can get an Online Test System for Free. Know how!!

Online tests can help teachers save tons of time and effort and hence money. The tests are automatically graded with the results instantly available to students and parents, so that teachers don’t have to spend hours checking test-papers.

All big education centers already have their online test system. For new and emerging education centers, it was a costly affair but now we have which provides education tools like online test system for free.

Features Offline Online
Automated Grading
Exam Stats and Reports
Take Exams anywhere anytime
Add images and media
Embed quizzes on websites
No exam administrators

Online test system can be used to create practice-tests to support daily learning in class or can be used to assess students at regular interval. Automatic advanced test reports help teachers and parents to identify knowledge gaps and understand how to improve the learning experience of their students.

Online test system is not just for assessment but this can be used to distribute practice tests in your class.

Teachers can create online tests using Testorm. Testorm is a tool that allows teachers to create question paper on their PC or Laptops just by copy and paste questions from their existing content. You can also create new questions directly in Testorm which is available as free download software on

Fixed and Flexible Schedule

Once test uploaded on, it can be easily scheduled in your class from anywhere-anytime using our mobile friendly website.

Test can be scheduled at specific time and duration, and student can only take test at scheduled time. For example, Test is scheduled on 30th Sept at 11:00 AM for 2 Hours.

Alternately, test can be made available between certain dates and students can take test as per convenience but for fixed duration. For example, test is open between 30th Sept and 2nd Oct but for 2 hours.

Automatically grade tests

While students take test, you can check status of each student on reporting page. You can optionally add solution of each question and students will be able to see their results instantly and understand correct solution as well.

After students submit their tests, those are automatically graded and class rank and percentiles are also calculated. Online testing also offers detailed reports, which reveal knowledge gaps and provide insights into a student’s overall performance.

Instantly track students progress

An online test maker provides you online classrooms, where you can instantly see who has taken your tests and send students quick reminders to those who haven’t. You can also access detailed test reports to track how learners have performed on a particular test or quickly view their performance over time at a single click. After completion of test, marks are also send to their parents.

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