Educational institutes in India can save money and time…know how!!

Learning at all stages requires some form of assessment. Teachers must find out how well a student has learned regardless of the level and subject of study.

Many teachers find frequent tests an effective way while other educators prefer monthly or chapter wise test to measure performance of their students. Regardless of their choice, organizing tests take time in creating, checking, discussing solution and finally sending marks to parents. This whole process requires man power, time and of course money. So how can educators can streamline this assessment process and hence save time and money?

One answer to this problem is to use online testing applications. Some institutes with larger student strength have got their web applications created for online tests. But when we further asked if they actually use those applications, many of them hesitates in using their own application. One of the major reason is that their application is not maintained on regular basis. Admins of many of the institutes are not aware that every software application requires regular maintenance, IT support and enhancements to keep it running. Many a times, application becomes obsolete due to lack of IT personnel in institutes.

Institutes that owns their private online test portal hardly use it. Developing web portal is easy and doesn’t costs much, but admins of many of the institutes are not aware that every software application requires regular maintenance, IT support and enhancements to keep it running. Many a times, application becomes obsolete due to lack of IT personnel in institutes.

We, a team of 20+ years of experience in education and software development, have developed with an intention to bring all small and medium institutes online.

Here is how you save your time and money using vinnr,

  1. Build your private test bank. Reuse test papers in every session.
  2. Choose and schedule a test paper from your Test bank in few clicks.
  3. Save man power that is required to distribute, collect and check answer sheets.
  4. Send updates and scores to parents at no cost. Save your bulk messaging packages.
  5. Edit your tests, change answer key or remove a question from test. You can re-evaluate test scores in one click.
  6. View consolidated performance analysis of your students. Identify weak subjects and topics which requires revision of concepts.
  7. Use attendance tracker to notify parents about absenteeism.
  8. Use messaging functions to make announcements to students or parents in class or in whole institute.

While VINNR provides many features to make your work easy the best part is that it is free for any educational institute. So what are you waiting for? Why not give a try?


Is your coaching institute Tech-Savvy enough to sustain growth in future?

In Year 2000, when I was preparing for engineering entrance exam, I had to join coaching institutes in Kanpur. Since I belonged to a town which is 100 km from Kanpur, my father used to visit us frequently. I still remember, he always used to ask that how was I doing in my coaching classes? This was his only source of information on my progress. In those days technology was neither emerged like today nor readily accessible to students, teachers or parents.

Recently (in 2015), I got chance to visit to Kanpur and it was to my shock that things have not changed much in this age of smart gadgets. When I talked to my friends who are in education profession, I found that situation is more or less same in other cities too. Parents still don’t get enough insight of what and how their teens are doing in coaching classes. However some coaching institutes are adopting technology for better information flow to parents.

We have already seen that technology has changed the face of every business from online shopping to taxi booking. Those, who failed to adopt technology or could not keep their pace with it, are no more in business; for example Nokia. This rule applies to every business and sooner or later it will hit coaching market too.

So if you run a coaching institute, you must assess how tech-savvy are you for future sustainability and growth of your business. Technology adoption is a long term process and you cannot turn you institute into Ed-Tech-Pro overnight. Small investments and efforts done today will help you in placing your coaching institute stand apart from others in long run.

We at VINNR, are working on a platform for futuristic coaching institutes. If you want to get notified about our progress and launch of our services, do visit our page at

In next post, I will talk about hurdles faced by coaching institutes in adopting technology  and how to overcome them. Till then happy teaching…